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Continuing Education and Speakers  Agreement

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Continuing Education and Speakers Agreement


  1.  Virtual Expo, Inc. is an Arizona corporation doing business at 1846 E. Innovation Park Drive, Suite 100, Oro Valley, Arizona 85755.

  2.  Virtual Dental Expo Background. [VDX] is a platform consisting of: Virtual Exhibition Hall, Virtual Exhibitor Booths, Online Continuing Education Auditorium, Experts Auditorium, and Career Fair, as well as other events at the discretion of VDX. 

  3. Domains are: and

  4. Attendees may engage with Virtual Exhibition Booths, select Live Continuing Education Courses through its online platform hosted by Dental CE Academy.


  1. Derivative Works: For the purpose of this agreement, Derivative Works are defined as “works based on or derived from one or more already existing works. In this instance, Derivative Works specifically include translations, abridgments and condensations of pre-existing works.”

  2. Exhibitor:  For the purpose of this agreement, Exhibitor is a provider, educator, recruiter, company, service or other approved entity utilizing the virtual exhibitor booth residing on the VDX website.

  3. Exhibitor Booth: For the purpose of this agreement, Exhibitor Booth is a virtual merchant space that resides on the VDX  website.

  4. Continuing Education Auditorium: For the purpose of this agreement, Continuing Education Auditorium resides on the VDX platform and provides continuing dental education in live and on demand format. 

  5. Experts Auditorium: For the purpose of this agreement, the Experts Auditorium is a presentation platform that resides on the VDX platform and provides webinars for the purpose of product demonstration, and promotion.

  6. Presenter: For the purpose of this agreement, Presenter is defined as “an individual engaged by Exhibitor, for the purpose of delivering content via a Webinar format (live or on demand).

  7. Webinar Presentation: For the purpose of this agreement, Webinar Presentation is defined as “the verbal presentation by Presenter as a component of a specific Webinar.” 

  8. Webinar Materials: For the purpose of this agreement, Webinar Materials are defined as “PowerPoint slides and any additional handouts or other items in written and/or electronic form to be used to deliver a specific Webinar, along with any related audio or video recordings.” 


1. Webinar Hosting and Facilitation: VDX is a host for Continuing Dental Education. It  will arrange or provide: a third-party provider of internet hosting, audio services, promotion of Webinar in registration collateral, registration processing, registration lists, evaluation form preparation and tabulation, delivery logistical support.  It is understood that VDX also provides significant indirect support, including but not limited to: promotional material production and distribution, Web-based registration capability, staff support before and following each webinar, social media marketing through its channels, and distribution to its contacts via digital newsletters and other announcements. Per policy, VDX registration lists are shared with exhibitor. In addition VDX registration lists are provided for the sole purpose of facilitating Presenter’s communications with course attendees under this Agreement. Presenters may not themselves (or permit others to) duplicate, sell, distribute, create derivative information from or otherwise use registration lists or other confidential information of VDX.

2. Provision of Materials: Exhibitor agrees to share and provide materials required known as “Next Steps” to successfully execute the full functionality of their assigned virtual exhibitor booth, live production of webinars, on demand webinars within a specified timeline including deadlines that will be provided to the Exhibitor as “Next Steps”. Exhibitor acknowledges that not providing required materials in the required format and deadline may impact the ability of VDX to execute and make live Exhibitor’s booth on the VDX platform, or schedule and produce their live webinar according to the timeline and deadlines.

3. Representations: Exhibitor represents that, to the best of his/her knowledge: 

  1. The content and materials of Webinar Presentations, and exhibitor booth collateral are accurate;

  2. The exhibitor does not violate any copyright, proprietary rights or personal rights of others;

  3. Exhibitor has obtained all necessary permissions to reproduce or use any materials for which he/she is the author or copyright holder;

  4. Materials, including photographs used in the VDX platform, do not identify, by name or otherwise, suggest the identity of, or present a recognizable likeness of any individual or individuals: or, if they do, Exhibitor has obtained all necessary consents from such individual(s) for the further use, distribution and publication of such Materials;

  5. All Presentations and Materials in the Continuing Education Auditorium will be educational in nature, and will not contain any false or misleading statements

  6. Regarding any products or services or include materials that are anti-competitive, slanderous, libelous, or otherwise illegal, offensive, or inappropriate; and

  7. Exhibitor is authorized to make these representations.

4. Indemnification: Exhibitor hereby indemnifies and holds harmless VDX, its officers, directors, members, employees, and agents from any and all claims, expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees), and liabilities whatsoever arising out of a breach of any of the representations set forth in this Agreement. Exhibitor further waives any and all rights he/she may have against VDX; its directors, officers, members, employees, and agents, and releases and discharges them from any claim relating to Exhibitor Booths, Continuing Education Auditorium, Career/Training/Jobs Fair or any other aspect or activities of VDX platform or the manner in which it is conducted.

5. Exhibitor Booth and Features: VDX will provide to Exhibitor the following:

  • Exhibitor Booth with full digital functionality in the VDX marketplace.

  • 1 Live Webinar presentation monthly in the VDX Continuing Education Auditorium.

  • Leads list.

Additional benefits include:

  • Recognition in VDX directory and digital program description.

  • Logo placement on the VDX website.

  • Logo placement on all VDX Social Media outlets and continuing education subsidiary website, Dental CE Academy, Inc.

  • Press release.

6. Social Media and Marketing Expectations:

  •  VDX will market Exhibitor's webinar across its social media channels, contacts, and newsletters. 

  • VDX will share all of its social media URL’s with exhibitor:

  • Webinar will be promoted 1 time in Events Tab of VDX: 4 Facebook pages and shared with Exhibitor.

  • Webinar will be promoted 1 time on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn; and shared with Exhibitor.

  • VDX will develop a promo video for Exhibitor's webinar and share with Exhibitor. 

  • VDX will send Webinar  invitation to it's contacts.

  • VDX will send  1 newsletter and 1 text message alert to it's contacts. 

  • At least 1 week prior to Webinar, Exhibitor will promote it's webinar at least 1 time, by sending a newsletter or email or otherwise informing it's contacts of the Link to Register. Exhibitor will inform VDX by email when this notification takes place. 

  • For the success of VDX’ unique SEO booster, and to fully market Exhibitor’s booth, presentations, and any other materials hosted on the VDX platform, Exhibitor acknowledges they are responsible for their own content, established and up to date - Social Media profiles, and will share their social media URL’s with VDX upon request. VDX does not provide social media support or content marketing. 

  • Further, Exhibitor acknowledges that they will connect with VDX through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. 

  • Exhibitor acknowledges that VDX is not a substitute for their own marketing department or marketing plan, and does not warrant or guarantee expected outcomes of traffic to its website, exhibitor booths, webinar attendance and registration, or presentations. 

  • Exhibitor acknowledges that the success of their promotions across the VDX platform and VDX social media channels requires their own marketing plan and execution as well as their full participation in social marketing “Shares” “Likes” and “Connections”.

  • Exhibitor acknowledges that VDX does not sell Exhibitors'  products or guarantee conversions of sales. Exhibitor acknowledges they will track their own sales.or conversions consistent with their industry, and  that upon receiving a leads list, sales conversion is the sole  responsibility of the Exhibitor.


  • All exhibits submitted are subject to review.

  • VDX is under no obligation to extend exhibition privileges to any company regardless of whether or not said company has exhibited in past in VDX marketplace.

  • All products and services exhibited must be relevant to and effective and useful in the practice of dentistry and approved by VDX.

  • VDX shall be the sole judge as to the acceptability of exhibits. VDX reserves the right to bar any exhibitor which is not suitable or not in accordance with the ethics of the dental profession.

  • VDX may accept or reject any exhibitor in its sole discretion, and its full and final authority to interpret, amend, or supplement the rules and regulations in this agreement. 

  • Exhibitors by accepting Exhibition Space; agree to abide by these Exhibiting Standards and any rules or regulations that may hereafter be adopted.

  • Products that fall under FDA guidelines must have FDA certification to exhibit.

  • An exhibitor may not display any product or distribute advertisements for any product that infringes on the registered trademark, copyright, or patent of another company.

  • Exhibits must not be deceptive or misleading.

  • Quality of life or leisure products -- for example: face creams, cosmetics, luggage, massage chairs and similar products are not eligible to exhibit.

  • Comparative claims must be fair and, unless they are “puffery” must be substantiated adequately. Comparative claims may include the competitor’s name and the description of a comparable product or service, including price, if the comparison is made in a manner that is not false or misleading. Unwarranted disparagement or unfair comparisons of a competitor’s products or services is not permitted.

  • Miscellaneous products and services that are not specified in these standards may be eligible to exhibit on a case-by-case basis.

  • Exhibitor understands that acceptance by VDX is not endorsement and will not market VDX as an endorser of its products or services.



  • Exhibitor acknowledges that VDX is a Host for  Continuing Education Webinars.

  • Exhibitor acknowledges that it's Continuing Dental Education Webinars must meet or exceed the minimum recommendations for Continuing Dental Education. 

  • Exhibitor acknowledges that all webinars are subject to required evaluation by attendees to include quality of presentation and meeting the stated learning objectives. 

  • If Exhibitor contracts with a  3rd party to assist in fulfilling the requirements of this agreement, Exhibitor will direct the duties of that 3rd party and at all times will be point of contact with VDX. Exhibitor will not expect VDX to direct or delegate duties to a 3rd party including contractors or consultants. 

  • Exhibitors acknowledge any contract they enter into with a 3rd party  to produce their CE webinars is between Exhibitor and 3rd party,  while Exhibitors agreement with VDX remains in full force. If 3rd party fails to produce a CE webinar on behalf of Exhibitor, that meets the minimum requirements for continuing dental education, the VDX agreement remains in force. 

  • Exhibitor understands that continuing dental education webinars will be reviewed and approved by the VDX Advisory Board. 

  • Exhibitor acknowledges that all materials requested by VDX must be copy ready. VDX does not write content, proofread or provide consultation regarding continuing education webinars. 

  • Exhibitor acknowledges that 1 CEU webinar equates to 1 hour and therefore webinar must be submitted as a PowerPoint of at least 40 slides. Discussion cannot be substituted for this requirement.



  • Exhibitor understands the quality of the Continuing Education and/or Promotional presentation is imperative to its success on the VDX platform. Therefore equipment required to produce a professional presentation includes: 

    • Desktop preferred or high quality laptop that is elevated  at sufficient height so that Presenter is fully visible and not looking "down into camera". 

    • High quality webcam. Logitech or equivalent  is suggested, refer to document "Best Practices for a Successful Webinar". 

    • Microphone. Refer to "Best Practices for a Successful Webinar." 

    • Backdrop must be in a professional space. No background clutter.

    • Presentation must be presented in a professional space such as an office. No bedrooms, hotel rooms, living rooms or kitchens. Refer to "Web a Round" described in "Best Practices for a Successful Webinar". 

    • Lighting must be sufficient to support a high quality presentation. Refer to "Best Practices for a Successful Webinar."

    • Audio and Video Quality: Computer must be "hard wired".  WiFi will not support a stable connection and will negatively impact the quality of your presentation, therefore causing negative evaluations and reviews.

    • Technical support. Exhibitor understands that VDX does not provide technical support and recommends obtaining tech support if required. In the event that audio and/or video quality is affected or webinar cannot be produced due to technical failure on the part of Exhibitor or Speaker, refunds cannot be issued. Rescheduling at an additional cost is at the sole discretion of VDX.

    • In the event Exhibitor contracts with a 3rd Party as Presenter, Exhibitor will be Point of Contact to schedule webinar and ensure Presenter has met the requirements of this agreement to produce a high quality presentation. VDX in its sole discretion, may reject any Presenter for not meeting the minimum requirements for Continuing Dental Education.

  • Documents necessary to meet the minimum requirements for Continuing Dental Education:

    • Title of Presentation

    • Description (4-6 sentences)

    • Learning Objectives (4-6)

    • Name of Presenter, Credentials

    • C.V. of Presenter 

    • Biosketch (4-6 sentences)

    • High quality professional headshot (No selfies, backdrop must be professional)

    • PowerPoint presentation:

      • Minimum 45 slides. 

      • No trademark or copyright material

      • No embedded animation or videos 

      • No logos or promotion 

      • Statements must be clearly supported through evidence based studies.

      • Citations must be referenced. 

    • Handout:

      • All presentations must be accompanied by a high quality handout clearly labeled with Presenter's contact information. 

      • No logos or promotion. 

    • Quiz: A quiz and answer key must be submitted that directly addresses the learning objectives. Multiple Choice/True and False.



Exhibitor personnel are expected to behave in a professional manner at all times during their time on the VDX marketplace, while hosting their exhibitor booths, and anytime in the Virtual Exhibition Hall.


Firms and representatives of firms not assigned exhibit space are prohibited from soliciting business of any form in the virtual exhibition hall. Violators will be promptly banned from attending future VDX events.


  • Subletting booths or sharing booths is prohibited. 

  • Sales by non-exhibiting companies is prohibited. 

  • Exhibitors shall indemnify and hold harmless VDX and its Officers from any/all liability which might ensue from any cause whatsoever.

  • VDX is unable to promote any other entity than Exhibitor, unless otherwise arranged. If Exhibitor enters into a 3rd party sponsorship or partnership or changes the structure of their business during the term of this agreement, VDX is unable to place other company's logos or products on its site. This is for the protection of existing Exhibitors, potential conflict of interest,  and potential IP infringement. 



Exhibitors may conduct market research as a booth activity. Unlike traditional on ground Dental Conferences, VDX fully supports your efforts to conduct surveys or gather data, and will share its own with partner organizations.



VDX will share symposium lead list with Symposium Exhibitor. Lead list will include name, email address, occupation, state/territory, country .  Exhibitor may use this list to send newsletters or emails that meet required law to do so. Lead lists cannot be sold or trade. Exhibitors understand that VDX uses a tracking system to determine if lead list has been sold to protect the VDX members and the integrity of the list. 

Exhibitors must use an email system that meets local, federal, and international regulatory compliance.


Exhibitor must utilize a legal and compliance text messaging system when communicating with attendees. The system must allow for attendee to Opt In and allow text messages.


Presentations are recorded and have Virtual Dental Expo watermark. Exhibitor will receive a URL to an On Demand recording to share with potential registrants. URL will be live during 30 months following the symposium. 


The rules and regulations as presented in this Agreement are intended to provide order, access and equity to the technical exhibition and maintain  quality of Continuing Education Webinars.  Without enforceability, however, these would have little value. Infractions of any rules are subject to individual review including restriction or termination of any exhibitor booth and participation without refund. Concerns may be addressed to


Except for acts of nature, there are no refunds. Please be sure VDX has adequately answered your questions before proceeding with this agreement. 


Payment and signed agreement are both required to secure exhibitor booth in the VDX marketplace and monthly CE webinars.   A delay in payment/and or signed agreement may forfeit exhibitor booth and opportunity to present as well as any other features availed in this agreement. By purchasing this product you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions. 


  • Upon signing this agreement and submitting payment you will be directed to the VDX online portal to upload documents to launch your Exhibitor Booth and Presentation Information.

  • Please do not send information until requested.   

  • Exhibitor understands a delay in providing requested materials to update their Booth or schedule their Live Webinar may cause a delay in providing the services as rendered. Therefore the timely submission of all requested documents is critical to the Exhibitor’s success in the VDX marketplace and other features of Virtual Dental Expo.  Questions may be directed to:


The information contained in this Scope of Work & Agreement constitutes the terms between Virtual Expo, Inc., 1846 E. Innovation Park Drive, Ste. 100, Oro Valley, AZ 85755 and  [EXHIBITOR]. 


By purchasing this product, Exhibitor Agrees with and will Abide with these Terms and Conditions. Their purchase expressly warranties their authorized signature. 

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